Driving Abroad in a Rented Vehicle

If you want to drive a rented vehicle abroad, you need a valid driver’s license issued in Great Britain or Northern Ireland. For this reason, most drivers will need a valid photocard driver’s license. Some exceptions may apply with paper-only licenses which were issued before March 2000. If you have a paper-only license, make sure you check its valid to use in your country of destination.

Driving abroad basics

PSD vehicle rental issues the VE103 certificate which allows you to drive in Europe. At the same time, PSD also charges for the additional mileage. This is the only extra charge when compared to UK vehicle hire. If you are looking to drive the scenic French roads or go on a full European adventure, you will only need to pay the additional mileage.

Driving in Ireland

A valid driver’s license is needed to drive in Ireland. Since there are a few commonalities between Ireland and UK road laws, you may be banned from driving in the UK if you are banned to drive in Ireland. Make sure you abide by local laws while driving outside the UK.

Driving in Europe

You can drive in all European countries with a valid UK driver’s license. But you still need to abide by local driving laws in the process. So if you are caught speeding in Germany or Italy, local authorities might get your details from the DVLA to issue a fine. For more information about driving in Europe, feel free to check motoring organizations such as the AA or the RAC.

Driving in Europe without a Brexit deal

Driving in Europe after Brexit is still being debated. However, in case of a no-deal Brexit, you will need to purchase an international driver’s permit at a cost of £5.50. You can find such a permit at your local post office.

Driving outside the EU and EEA

If you plan to travel outside the EU or the European Economic Area, you may need to purchase an international driver’s permit. You can check your country of destination and its requirements on the AA website.

Driving abroad is not complicated. PSD Vehicle Rental only requires you to pay for the extra miles. Other steps such as an international driver’s permit need to be purchased individually. The best advice when driving abroad is to prepare in advance even with issues such as road tax, especially if you plan to drive on motorways.

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Why choose PSD for car and van hire in St Helens?

Car hire in St Helens - PSD

Looking to rent a car or van? You need a reliable rental company – somewhere that will provide a first-class, professional service every time. So why not contact PSD? We’re a family-run business, offering car and van hire in St Helens for both private and commercial use, and our reputation precedes us. Here we outline some of the main reasons why you should choose us to get yourself on the road.


Can I Use a Van Hire for Business?

PSD Vehicle rental offers a special rental programs for businesses. If you have a start-up or an established business, you may need a van or minibus in your daily tasks. PSD offers the possibility to rent these vehicles long-term, with one-time monthly payments. Apart from better rates, this type of van hire gives ensures you are able to plan and expand your business needs. You may also claim your VAT for these business expenses.

Monthly payments with included van maintenance

An additional fee can be added to the monthly payments to ensure van maintenance. So if you planning long-term use of PSD vans, you can rest assured all the mechanics is taken care of. With no visits to the mechanic, you can focus on your own business instead.

Busy periods can also come with all types of vehicle maintenance requirements which your staff might not have the time to attend to. It is why this included package ensures vans are on the road helping your business and that your staff members can rely on them to perform.

As all business owners know, all ventures have ups and downs. Some periods of the year are simply busier. For this reason, it might make sense to consider van hire for your business in these busy periods instead of dealing with fixed monthly payments attributed to van purchases.  You can even choose to hire these vans for 6 months, 12 months and even more, depending on what your business really needs.

Avoid van value depreciation

One of the issues many businesses struggle with comes with van depreciation in value. Purchasing a new fleet means this depreciation can come with an extra financial burden. But this is not the case with PSD Vehicle Rental where you are not actually owning the vans but hiring them instead.

If you want to avoid low resale prices, the best alternative is to consider van hire for your business. The good news is that you may also have access to a higher number of vans that you would normally do with regular purchases. From the Renault Master to the Peugeot Boxer, PSD Vehicle Rental offers modern vans of different sizes to fit your businesses’ needs.

If you have any questions about business rental or about the vans, we can answer them via phone. Feel free to give us a call on 01744 649 889 for more information.

Everything You Need to Hire a Car

Hiring a car is easy with PSD Vehicle Rental. The following guide should serve as the one-stop destination for the car hire’s general requirements. Make sure you understand all of these recommendations before planning your car journey. Apart from having a valid driver’s license, you should also take into accounts all costs before planning your trip and hiring a car.

Driver’s age

At PSD vehicle rental, all drivers should hold a valid driver’s license. The age limit when hiring a car is between 25 and 75 years of age.

Fuel – full tank to full tank

Fuel is important when hiring a car. Every company has its own policy. You will receive your car with a full tank when leaving the PSD Vehicle Rental HQ. At drop-off, you should also ensure the tank is full to avoid further charges. Feel free to ask for directions to the nearest gas station before driving off.

Deposit – what you pay

All PSD Vehicle Rental cars are covered by a £200 deposit. This sum is refundable after vehicle drop-off. This deposit covers automobiles such as the Fiat 500, the Ford Focus Zetec or the Ford Mondeo. 7.5-ton vehicles are covered by a refundable £300 deposit.

Car insurance

The excess waiver at PSD Vehicle Rental comes at a reduced rate of £350 from £750. Excess car insurance covers many types of accidents and the costs associated with them. A daily rate of £18 applies during weekdays while £35 is charged on weekends.

Car pick-up and drop-off

Opening times at PSD Vehicle Rental can be viewed here. You should plan to pick up your vehicle during office hours. Vehicle drop-off is also only allowed during office hours. If you are arranging travel, make sure you allow plenty of time for these procedures.

Credit card payments

Credit cards and debit cards are accepted at PSD Vehicle rental. Cash payments are not an option at this moment. Before arriving at the PSD Vehicle Rental please ensure you have sufficient funds to cover your car hiring period, additional insurance costs and the car deposit.

Unlimited daily mileage and limited weekly miles

There are no daily mileage limits at PSD Vehicle Rental. However, if you are planning to drive for a week or more, there is a 750 miles limit to consider. All excess miles are charged at 10 pence + VAT.

This is a basic guide to the things you might require when hiring a car or van from PSD vehicle rental but there are many more things you might need depending on the type of car you hire. In some circumstances your might require a car seat, ev charging cable, full driving licence, car registration document, insurance documents and much more.