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6 Things to do around Cheshire this Easter

As Easter approaches, Cheshire unveils its charm with a range of delightful activities and attractions.

To make the most of your holiday adventure, consider renting a car – an excellent choice that offers convenience for exploring the diverse wonders scattered across the region.

Buckle up as we take you through six must-visit places in Cheshire, all made easily accessible by the freedom of your own wheels.

1. Gruffalo Trail at Delamere Forest

Kickstart your Easter celebrations with a stroll around the Gruffalo Trail at Delamere Forest. Renting a car allows you to effortlessly navigate to this picturesque location.

The trails feature five big activity panels and 15 smaller spotter panels where visitors can look for missing party items. You’ll also come across five rubbing stations along the trail, adding an artistic flair to your adventure.

To make your experience even more enjoyable, you can buy a trail pack for just £4. It comes with a festive party headband to get you in the spirit, an activity leaflet for curious minds, stickers, pencils, crayons for creative fun, and a woven Gruffalo sew-on patch as a special keepsake.

2. Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is known for being one of the best attractions in the country, and once you visit, you’ll understand why! It’s home to over 21,000 animals, including some of the rarest in the world.

You can see everything from big animals like elephants and rhinos to delicate butterflies, making it an exciting place to explore.

A monthly car rental ensures a stress-free journey, allowing you to carry any essentials like prams or picnics for a memorable day at the zoo. Don’t miss the chance to explore this family-friendly destination with the flexibility of your own transportation.

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3. Easter at Tatton Park

Drive to this historic estate and enjoy a range of family activities, including egg hunts and crafts. Explore a trio of enchanting trails—garden, mansion, and farm—all adorned with delightful chocolate rewards.

Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of a pop-up Easter market, and don’t miss the chance to groove at the Easter silent disco, complete with glitter tattoos and a vibrant party ambience.

National Trust members have complimentary access to both the garden and the mansion. However, entry to the farm and parkland requires a separate admission. The convenience of a car ensures you have ample space to bring back Easter goodies from your visit.

Price: Prices vary, book here

Date: 29 March – 14 April 2024

4. Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre

Embark on a cosmic adventure to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre. With a car at your disposal, you can effortlessly reach this iconic observatory and explore interactive exhibits, gardens, and an impressive array of telescopes.

Discover the amazing world of radio astronomy! Listen to the sounds of a black hole, see live signals from the Lovell Telescope, have fun with whispering dishes, and enjoy a trip through the night sky in a planetarium show.

Enjoy the freedom to move at your own pace and absorb the wonders of the universe.

Price: £14 Adult, £10 Child, FREE for under 4s, book here

5. Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

Round off your Easter adventure with some retail therapy at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet. With your rented car, explore the region’s largest designer outlet and indulge in a shopping spree.

After enjoying your time, you can head to one of the many restaurants for dinner or stop by the Vue cinema to catch one of the latest blockbuster movies!

Think about your group size and luggage needs. Renting an SUV or a 7-seater is a great option, providing more legroom for passengers and extra space in the boot for all your newfound goodies to take back home.

6. Beeston Castle and Woodland Park

For a historic Easter outing, drive to Beeston Castle and Woodland Park. Nestled atop a rocky crag, this medieval marvel offers breathtaking views of the Cheshire Plains.

Climb to the top of the castle for a view down the spiralling well, or explore the nearby woodland and beautiful Cheshire landscape. You can walk along the winding paths around the castle and spot wildlife like foxes, rabbits, bats, buzzards, and even peregrine falcons.

A monthly car rental allows you to easily access this hidden gem, ensuring a memorable journey through time and nature.

Make the most of your Easter with monthly car rental

Make Cheshire your playground this Easter by embracing the freedom of a rented car. Uncover hidden gems, explore family-friendly attractions, and create lasting memories as you navigate through the picturesque landscapes of this enchanting region.

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Let the open road be your guide to an unforgettable Easter holiday in Cheshire!

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