Why be stuck with one type of vehicle when you can have them all!

Wish you could simply swap & change your vehicle fleet to suit the ever-changing needs of your business……….Well, now you can!

Flex2go from PSD allows you to do just that. Now you can perfectly match the right vehicle for the right job. if you’ve just won a new contract and need bigger vehicles with one call to PSD you can arrange to swap your vehicles over without any delay or penalties. If your requirements change so that you now require smaller more fuel and cost efficient vehicles one call to PSD allows you to achieve this. If your workload changes unexpectedly so you now don’t need any vehicles at all then one call to PSD allows you to remove the cost of the vehicles from your business entirely.
When you think that you can get all the benefits listed above and below with the total peace of mind that industry experts with over 30 years’ experience are now managing your fleet AND ALL AT A PRICE that’s probably cheaper than you can operate vehicles for yourself. THEN you really should be making that call to PSD now.

Benefits of Flex2go

  • Total Flexibility
  • Latest model vehicles available
  • Minimum initial financial outlay
  • Capital released to deploy on core business activities
  • Range of mileage allowances
  • Ancillaries & accessories can be fitted
  • Vehicles can be supplied in your company livery
  • Additional credit line for your business
  • Management time freed up to focus on core business activities
  • No Penalty charges on vehicles returned
  • All vehicles fully maintained
  • No deprecation or residual value worries
  • 24/7/365 National Breakdown and recovery service
  • National Windscreen & Tyre service
  • RFL included
  • Rental charges are tax deductible
  • Return conditions to BVRLA standards
  • Reduced administration burden

Please contact us on 01744 649 889 for more information.