Terms & Conditions


Lessor hereby rents to Hirer(s) and Hirer takes on rental the motor vehicle described overleaf (herein called ‘Vehicle’) subject to all terms and provisions of this Agreement.

  1. (a) Vehicle is the property of the Lessor. Hirer will return Vehicle, together with all tyres, tools, accessories and equipment, in the same condition as when received, normal wear and tear excepted, to place and on the date specified over- leaf, or sooner if demanded by the Lessor, and will use Vehicle in a reasonable manner.

(b) Hirer must ensure Vehicle is always locked when unattended and take all reasonable steps to revent loss or damage to Vehicle or tyres, toots,  accessories, equipment or contents.

(c) The hirer must remove the keys from the ignition at all times before leaving the vehicle.


  1. Vehicle will not be used:

(a) for the carriage of passengers for the hire or reward, except as permitted under the Minibus Act 1977.

(b) for any unlawful purpose or in contravention of any Act, Order or Regulation affecting the Vehicle, its use or construction.

(c) to propel or tow any vehicle or trailer.

(d) for racing, pacemaking, reliability trials, speed testing or driving tuition.

(e) to carry a greater number of passengers and/or more baggage that recommended by the Manufacturer.

(f) by any person who has given – fictitious or false name.

(g) by any person other than the Hirer who has signed the Rental Agreement or has been nominated as a driver by Hirer and having completed a separate insurance proposal being approved by the Lessor or by a motor vehicle repaired in the event of an accident or breakdown.

(h) by any person who has in the preceding period of ten years been convicted of a driving offence under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or dangerous driving or has had more than two accidents in the previous three years.

(i) by any person not holding a valid current licence, including where necessary or appropriate LGV driving licence.

(j) by any person under 25 years of age, or over 70 years of age, unless authorised by the Lessor.

(k) in any manner which may render the applicable insurance policy void.

(l) outside England, Scotland or Wales without the Lessor’s consent.

(m) in connection with a business or trade of for hire or reward unless Hirer holds a valid and current “Operators Licence” for all relevant vehicles.

(n) in circumstances where the maximum pay load or individual axle weights are exceeded. Hirer is responsible for loading and unloading the vehicle.


  1. Hirer expressly acknowledges personal liability to pay Lessor on demand’

(a) the Rental due under this agreement together with, where specified, a  mileage charge computed at the rates specified for the mileage covered by  Vehicle from the commencement of the rental until Vehicle is returned, (the  number of miles over which said vehicle shall be operated under this Agreement  shall be determined by reading the speedometer installed by the manufacturer, if  the speedometer fails, the mileage charge shall be made in accordance with the  road map distance of the journey travelled).

(b) time, mileage and any miscellaneous charges at the rates specified in the Agreement

(c) all fines, excess charges or other penalties. and all court costs for parking  incurred in relation to said vehicle by Hirer or Lessor from the commencement of this Agreement until Vehicle is returned, except where causec’through fault of Lessor.

(d) all Lessor’s costs, including reasonable legal fees incurred collecting  payments due from the Hirer hereunder.

(e) Lessor’s costs to repair damage to vehicle provided that, if vehicle is operated in accordance with all the terms Hirer’s liability for such damage.

(i) shall not exceed maximum damage liability of C: 1 ,000 on vehicles up to and including 2,000cc and Cl ,500 for vehicles over 2.000cc

(ii) in respect of all overhead damage howsoever caused.

(iii) notwithstanding the foregoing, if in the opinion of the Lessor the Hirer has been grossly egligent, the Hirer shall be liable for the  full cost of repair or retail value of the vehicle.

(f) Compensation for the Lessor’s loss of use of Vehicle whilst being recovered at the termination of this rental or whilst being repaired consequent upon any  collision or other damage suffered before the Vehicle was returned to the Lessor’s place of business.


  1. Hirer shall at the request and cost of the Lessor do and concur in doing and permit to be done in his name or by his appointed agents all such act and things as may be necessary or reasonably required by the Lessor for the purpose of enforcing any rights or remedies or of obtaining relief or indemnity from other par-ties in request of any loss or damage to or in connection with Vehicle during the period of time between the renting of Vehicle and its return by Hirer to Lessor and Lessor shall account to Hirer for any sums recovered by Lesser and due to Hirer from such other parties under this clause after setting off any outstanding liability of Hirer or Lessor.


  1. Hirer must Immediately inform the lessor and in any event with 24 hours, excluding public holidays, of any loss of or damage occurring to Vehicle and of any fault, reasonably requiring repair, developing therein and must not in the case of damage or fault which makes Vehicle unroadworthy or liable to cause danger to any person or property use vehicle until such damage or fault has been repaired or corrected. Authorisation for expenditure must be obtained from Lessor prior to commencement of the repair.
  1. Lessor shall not be liable for loss or damage to any property left, stored or transported by the hirer or any other person in or upon Vehicle either before or after the return thereof the Lessor. Hirer hereby agrees to hold Lessor blameless from, and indemnify Lessor against all claims based upon or arising out of such loss or damage.
  2. Hirer shall not sell or offer for sale, assign mortgage or pledge the Vehicle or the tools or quipment or any part or parts thereof or otherwise deal with the same in any manner inconsistent with the Lessor’s ownership. Hirer will not allow any lieu upon Vehicle, tools or equipment to come into existence, except as concerns authorised repairs or emergency repairs subsequently authorised to Vehicle. The Agreement shall determine forthwith if a receiving order is made against Hirer (or being a Company goes into liquidation, whether voluntarily or compulsory) or if Hirer shall call a meeting of his creditors or if any distress or executions is levied against any of his goods or if Hirer shall not perform or observe all the stipulations herein contained on the part of the Hirer to be performed or observed, but such determination shall not affect any then existing rights of the Lessors whether from damages or otherwise, in any such events Hirer shall forthwith return Vehicle to Lessor failing which Lessor, its servants and agents may without previous notice enter upon any premises upon or in which Vehicles may be or may be believed to be situated and all costs and expenses incidental to recovery of Vehicle incurred by Lessor shall be repaid to Lessor by Hirer on demand.
  1. Hirer warrants that he participates as an insured under a motor vehicle insurance policy, a copy of which is available for inspection by Hirer at the head office of Lessor. Hirer agrees further to protect the interest of Lessor and Lessor’s insurance company in case of accident during the term of this rental by:

(a) making every endeavour to obtain names and addresses of parties involved and of any witnesses,

(b) not admitting iiability or guilt,

(c) not abandoning Vehicle without adequate provisions for safeguarding and securing same,

(d) calling nearest office of lessor by telephone even in case of slight damage, further giving detailed report including diagram to Lessor,

(e) notifying police immediately if another party’s guilt has to be ascertained, or if people are injured.

  1. Lessor has maintained Vehicle to be at least the Manufacturer’s recommended standards but shall not be liable for any consequences arising from any defects or mechanical failure of the vehicle although precautions have been taken to prevent such happenings.

The additions to or alterations of the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be null and void unless agreed upon in writing by the parties.

The Hirer must have held a full driving licence for at least three years and be free from endorsement (one speeding or technical offence may be disregarded)

Insurance against third party claims and passenger liability (for the number of factory fitted seats) is included in the hire charges for one named driver only. The hirer is responsible for the excess on the policy, currently 2750,00

A deposit of 52250 on Cars and 2300 on Vans is required when any vehicle is booked. This is returned on the prompt return of vehicle, provided it is clean and undamaged. Hirer is responsible for all Glass and Tyre damage at all times. PSD insurance does NOT provide cover for 12, 15, 17 seat minibus hire.

Fluid levels are checked at the commencement of the hire period, but the Hirer is responsible for maintaining adequate engine oil and other fluids required. Any damage caused from running with insufficient oil or water is to be borne by the Hirer.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, the vehicles are covered by the appropriate recovery service, the Hirer should contact PSD Vehicle Rental first before using the recovery service. The Hirer is responsible for puncture repairs, wheel re-placement costs and tyre damage.

Once a firm booking has been made, the deposit will only be returned if PSD Vehicle Rental are able to re,let the vehicle for the appropriate period. Whilst every endeavour is made for the vehicle booked to be ready on time. PSD Vehicle Rental will not be responsible for any loss or delay to the Hirer, due to causes beyond their control. A substitute vehicle will be provided whenever possible.

Mileage Allowance:

  • 3 Days 150 per day
  • 4-7 Days 500 miles – inclusive

Excess Mileage Charge @ 10p per mile plus VAT

  1. PSD Insurance exclusions are: Professional Entertainers, Professional Sportsmen, Publicans/Night Club Owners, Owners of Gaming Establishments, Members of a Foreign Armed Forces, Students, Unemployed, Taxi Drivers” VERY IMPORTANT You are reminded of the need to disclose any fact which insurers would take into account in the assessment and acceptance of the proposal.

If you have any doubt as to whether certain facts are relevant I lease consult the Self Drive Hire operator. It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act.to make any false statement or withhold any information for the purpose of obtaining motor insurance.


Insurers maintain a motor insurance anti-fraud theft register. In line with 1984 Data Protection Actis first data protection principle, which is concerned with the obtaining of information, we wish to advise you that insurers exchange information with each other.