Top 8 real-life situations driving the demand for long-term car rental

Whether you’re working a summer job, spending a term studying in the UK, or you’re exploring a new city, having access to a car just when you need it can be a real lifesaver.

There are several advantages to long-term rentals of our vehicles, which have contributed to their recent increase in popularity.

For example, there’s no massive up-front deposit, the monthly payments are lower than most car finance deals, and you can have a brand new set of wheels whenever you fancy.

Many people have switched to long-term car rental for these reasons alone. But setting these obvious benefits aside, long-term car hire is an ideal solution in a variety of real-life situations.

In this blog, we’ll explore the various lifestyles where opting for a monthly car rental can really come into its own.

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1.    Long-term car hire for seasonal workers

When the seasons change, so do the job locations for many.

Seasonal workers in agriculture, tourism, or holiday retail often find themselves in new areas for short periods.

Contract hire cars eliminate the burden of vehicle ownership and maintenance, providing a reliable mode of transport exactly when and where it’s needed.

2.    Students and interns seeking monthly car rental

University life can mean moving cities for a few months.

Long-term car hire can be an affordable and convenient solution for many students and interns studying in the UK.

International students who choose to study in this country are unlikely to want the long-term commitment of paying for vehicle finance. Also, finding a lump sum to purchase a car outright often isn’t financially viable for those on a tight budget.

Car leasing is a great alternative, giving international students and interns the independence and convenience of having a car, without the hassle and expense of actually owning one.

3.    Long-term car rental for extended UK holidays

What better way to explore the UK’s rich landscapes than at your own pace?

Tourists from overseas who are planning extended holidays need to be able to get around.

The UK’s public transport system, outside of London, is notoriously dreadful. Why spend your holidays waiting for rail replacement bus services that may or may not turn up?

Car leasing is a great option if you want to be free from the constraints of unreliable public transport schedules. Hire vehicles allow tourists to head off on spontaneous adventures whenever the mood strikes!

You may also be interested to know that when you rent a car from PSD, you’ll have a generous weekly mileage limit of 750 miles. This is more than ample for most sightseeing needs.

4.    Professionals on long-term assignments often hire luxury cars

Global businesses often require their staff to relocate for projects or assignments.

For professionals in this scenario, long-term car rental provides a sense of independence and reliability, crucial for navigating new cities and maintaining punctuality.

Brand new luxury rental cars also make a strong impression in business settings, elevating your polished professional image. Our premium hire cars convey a sense of success and attention to detail, reflecting positively on your company.

5.    Renting a car for short-term projects

Relocating for a business project doesn’t always justify the cost of buying a vehicle, so it’s often a better idea to hire a car in this situation.

Insurance is taken care of, and you can collect your hire vehicle straight away from a choice of convenient rental locations. This will ensure that you can get around as soon as you arrive and will make settling into your temporary new home less stressful.

6.    Event planners opting for monthly car rental

Mobility is vital when organising events.

Whether you need to make site visits or transport materials, car or van hire gives event planners the flexibility they need, without the long-term commitment of vehicle ownership.

7.    Families awaiting vehicle repair can hire a car

School runs, commuting to work, not to mention a hectic timetable of kids’ clubs.

Busy families can find it extremely stressful when their vehicle breaks down, as life doesn’t stop when your car does!

For families dealing with car repairs or finding themselves in vehicle limbo whilst waiting for a replacement car, rental vehicles can be the perfect interim solution.

An additional driver can also be added to the hire contract. So, if mum is the primary contract holder but she’s working, dad can still take little Bobby to his swimming lesson!

All in all, monthly car rental ensures that your daily routines can continue uninterrupted.

8.    Car hire for start-up entrepreneurs

For any start-up business, saving money is vital, and every penny counts.

Not only is hiring a car much cheaper than the price of buying one, freeing up capital for other crucial business investments, it will also mean you’re not reliant on public transport, so you’re much more likely to arrive at your meetings on time.

Additionally, if you opt to rent one of the premium vehicles from our fleet, this will enhance your customers’ perception of you as a successful professional.

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As you can see, embracing the benefits of long-term car hire can be a game-changer in a wide range of scenarios.

No matter what your situation or the type of rental vehicle you need, our team will find a tailored solution for you at a competitive price.

Insurance is included in the cost of leasing our vehicles, and you have the option to add an additional driver if you wish to do so.

We have collection and pickup locations across the North West, including in St Helens and Warrington.

So, whether you’re interested in our range of people carriers, fleet of vans, just need a small car to get from A to B, or hiring one of our luxury cars would be more your style, we’ve got you covered.

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