Flexible van hire available at PSD

Flexible vehicle hire – refresh your business fleet for 2023

A new year.

Out with the old and in with the new.

As a business owner, it’s the ideal time to start afresh and make improvements. And if your company utilises a fleet of vehicles, switching to a flexible car and van hire scheme – such as Flex2Go – could be just the positive change that you need.

Here we take a look at how this approach to vehicle acquisition could benefit your business – practically and financially – and ensure your 2023 gets off to the best possible start.

4 reasons to consider flexible vehicle hire

  1. 1. Reduce or expand your fleet

The clue is in the name – flexible vehicle hire offers total flexibility.

Changes in business demand can often be difficult to predict and workloads can fluctuate. But to control costs, it’s important to have the right sized fleet to match your current requirements.

At PSD, our Flex2Go scheme can provide a fast, flexible response to your ever-changing needs.

Perhaps you’ve just won a new contract and need additional vehicles? Maybe your workload has suddenly decreased? Or you’d like to save a little money with smaller, more fuel-efficient cars?

Whatever your situation, it isn’t a problem.

Our flexi hire service allows you to swap and change vehicles whenever you like. There are no restrictive Ts & Cs. And all cars and vans can be returned or requested at short notice, without any sort of penalty. Allowing you to reduce or expand your business fleet, depending upon your requirements at the time.

  1. 2. A wide selection of vehicles to choose from

One of the main benefits of flexible vehicle hire, is that you can match the right vehicle to the job.

As part of our Flex2Go scheme, we offer a large and diverse selection of vehicles – catering to a broad range of sectors and applications. This includes everything from small economy cars and business edition saloons to compact vans and large toolpod tippers. Detailed information on all of the car and van rental classes available can be found in our blog.

Our depots in both St Helens and Warrington are continuously re-stocked with the latest, highest specification models. And all vehicles can be fitted with ancillary equipment and accessories, and supplied in your company livery – giving you the same options as a lease, just without the commitment.

As a result, it’s possible for your business to always use the best vehicle for the job at hand. Even highly specialised or infrequent jobs needn’t be an issue. Rather than having to turn down work or make costly alternations to your existing vehicles, flexible fleet hire could allow you to secure all contracts and complete them with a vehicle that’s perfectly suited to the work.

Flexible car hire at PSD

3. Maintain business cash flow

Flexi car and van hire is a particularly cost-savvy option.

There’s no need to worry about the upfront cost or how much cash you’re tying up. The initial financial outlay is very minimal. Depreciation of the vehicles won’t be your concern. And no matter how many times you return or swap vehicles, you won’t be faced with any unexpected charges.

You simply need to pay one month at a time, allowing you to budget and maintain cashflow. And if your business is VAT registered, you can reclaim this payment as a tax-deductible expense.

At PSD, we also understand how vehicle breakdowns can have a huge operational and financial impact on your business. Which is why, we have a dedicated in-house team of engineers and offer a complimentary 24/7/365 national breakdown and recovery service for all Flex2Go customers.

  1. 4. Less administrative burden

Vehicles require ongoing maintenance. New regulations are being introduced all the time. And keeping on top of the admin associated with a large business fleet can be incredibly time-consuming.

But with a flexible vehicle rental scheme, this will all be taken care of for you.

All necessary paperwork will be completed on your behalf by a member of our team. And you’ll always have access to fully compliant, up-to-date and well-maintained vehicles – with regular servicing, repairs and replacements all included in the cost.

Our fleet hire services offer a cost-effective and convenient way to future-proof your fleet, whilst freeing up valuable management time to focus on other core business activities.

Fleet hire at PSD Vehicle Rental

Think flexible fleet hire could be right for your business?

If you make one change this new year, make it Flex2Go.

Factoring in all the benefits above, along with the peace of mind that our industry experts – with over 30 years of experience – will be managing your business fleet. All at a price that’s cheaper than you could operate those vehicles for yourself. And flexible vehicle rental is a no-brainer.

To find out more about our fleet hire services, and set your business on the road to success this January, why not get in touch? You’re welcome to call us at any time on 0345 222 1022. Or if you prefer, send an email to info@psdvehiclerental.co.uk and we’ll respond as soon as possible.