minibus hire in St Helens for a Christmas party

St Helens minibus hire for the Christmas party

Christmas is fast-approaching and, for most employers, that means organising a party for the team. You may have spent a long time doing your research, picking out the perfect pub, restaurant or event for your employees to attend. But the question is, how will everyone get there?

Here at PSD Vehicle Rental, we reckon that our minibus hire service is the solution. Whether you have your own ‘designated driver’ or need someone to drive the vehicle on your behalf, we’re here to help – ensuring that you and your staff get into the festive spirit and fully enjoy the evening.

5 benefits of Christmas minibus hire

  1. 1. Ensure everyone arrives on-time

When heading out as a large group, it’s evitable, someone is bound to get held up. Perhaps their bus broke down? Or their train was cancelled at the last minute? Whatever the reason, the rest of the team are left waiting and – if you have a reservation – their late arrival can be an issue.

St Helens minibus hire is a fantastic way to avoid this situation. All employees can be collected en-route to the venue and they will arrive together, on-time, as a group.

  1. 2. Travel in style and comfort

This is one of the main advantages of minibus hire in St Helens. As part of our hire service, we will deliver the vehicle (free of charge) to an address of your choice. There’s no need to traipse all the way to the bus stop or pile onto an overcrowded train. All employees can be picked up from their own home, relax in the comfort of the minibus and get their night off to a good start.

St Helens minibus hire at Christmas

3. Cut back on travel costs

The cost of individual taxis, train fares and bus tickets can soon add up. In fact, nine times out of ten, people find that minibus hire in St Helens is the cheaper and more cost-effective option. This is especially true at PSD. Our hire rates are very competitive and we will never be beaten on price. We guarantee, we will get everyone safely to the party, with money to spare for behind the bar!

  1. 4. Choose your own schedule

Hiring a minibus also gives you and your employees a little flexibility. If you wish to move from one venue to another, you can. There’s no need to dash for the last bus in high heels or stress about train timetables. You can go home at midnight or party until sunrise – the choice is yours. The beauty of a self-drive minibus hire is that you decide when you leave and where you go.

  1. 5. Keep employees safe

Christmas parties notoriously end in the small hours of the morning – and, at that point, it’s important to make sure all employees get home safely. A minibus is usually the best option. You can rest in the knowledge that nobody was left behind and, even for those who live further afield, there’s no need to travel alone. Everyone will be dropped-off, safe and sound, at their front door.

people at party after using minibus hire in St Helens

Christmas minibus hire at PSD

Want to finalise the details of your Christmas do? Get in touch today and book your minibus in St Helens. As a leading minibus hire company, we have a range of multi-purpose vehicles to choose from – including 7-seater, 9-seater and 12-seater models. These can be self-driven or, if you prefer, we can even arrange a driver on your behalf. Simply give us a call on 0345 222 1022 to discuss your requirements or send an email to and we’ll get back to you.