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Drive-in cinemas in 2020 – hire, drive and enjoy

COVID-19 has affected almost all aspects of our lives – and cinema is no exception.

Film production has ceased, blockbuster releases have been delayed and many cinemas up and down the country have been forced to shut their doors until further notice. But as a result, one old and somewhat forgotten entertainment venue has made a comeback… the drive-in cinema.

Even in areas with strict ‘tier 3’ restrictions, outdoor cinemas are permitted to remain open for drive-in – and it’s fair to say, their popularity is booming. More and more people are choosing to escape the four walls of their home, to watch a movie from the safety of their car. And with Christmas just around the corner, we think it’s the perfect way to enjoy some time with family.

Why have drive-in cinemas in the UK become so popular?

Until recently, drive-in cinemas were something you’d associate with 1950s America. But today, in the current climate of social distancing, they’re finally having their moment on this side of the pond.

Drive-in cinemas offer a safe way for people to see a movie – outside of their home – without having to come into contact with anyone else. A car is the perfect isolation bubble. For the duration of the film, you and your family can be safely contained within your vehicle. Which means, you can enjoy the experience of the big screen, whilst also keeping coronavirus transmission to a minimum.

It’s the perfect ‘socially distanced’ venue. And as a result, many business start-ups and local councils have embraced the idea and are using open spaces to screen both new releases and classic films.

How does a drive-in cinema work in 2020?

To ensure they’re COVID-secure, drive-in cinemas have introduced a host of new safety measures.

For example, all bookings now have to be made online in advance – and, in most cases, your car’s registration number acts as your admission ticket. There’s no need to interact with staff on your arrival. Simply park up in your ‘socially distanced pitch’, tune into the radio, and watch the movie.

If you prefer, some drive-ins allow you to get out of the car and sit in pre-laid chairs. But these are still within your pitch and will be more than two metres away from other members of the audience. On-site toilet facilities will be socially distanced and regularly cleaned. And any food and drink orders will be delivered directly to your vehicle by a member of the cinema’s staff.

All you need is a car, and you can get out of the house and enjoy a fun COVID-safe activity.

Cars available for daily hire to go to a drive-in cinema

Hire and drive to your local drive-in cinema

Perhaps you don’t have access to your own vehicle? Or maybe your current car is a little too cramped for you and all the kids?

That doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Why not hire a car for a couple of days and treat everyone to the ultimate drive-in experience? Here at PSD Vehicle Rental, we offer the option to rent a car on a daily basis and have a comprehensive range of vehicles to choose from – including everything from small city cars (perfect for two viewers) to luxurious cars with enough space for all the family.

Our rates are competitive – with economy cars available from just £40 per day. And just like the drive-in cinemas of 2020, our services are 100% COVID-secure. Your safety is our number one priority. Therefore, we clean all vehicles rigorously between each use, continuously monitor the health of our staff, and offer a contactless ‘kerbside’ pick-up on all of our daily car hires.

In our opinion, the drive-in cinema is the perfect family outing for over the Christmas break. So, why not start planning your trip? Take a look online to see which films are being screened in your area, arrange your vehicle rental, and enjoy a night at the cinema in safety, style and comfort.

Vehicles can either be provisionally booked online or you can simply give us a call on 0345 222 1022. Alternatively, send an email to and we’ll get back to you.