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Delivery vans – the ‘new normal’ for UK businesses

Delivery vans. There seems to be one around every corner at the moment; and big surprise, it’s due to the pandemic. Over the last year, internet shopping has boomed. To stay safe, people have started to order pretty much everything online – from food and drink to gifts, gadgets, clothes, and more.

In January 2021, online sales were at an all-time high, accounting for 36.4% of all retail purchases. And the experts believe that, even though physical stores have now re-opened, consumer habits may have changed permanently and people are likely to continue shopping in this digital way.

As the owner of a high street outlet, of course, such consumer habits are a concern. They could have a significant impact on your future success. Online shopping and home deliveries look set to be the ‘new normal’. And if your business is to survive, it may be time to adapt to a post-COVID era. Here we take a closer look at how.

  1. Launch an e-commerce website

Firstly, it may be worth setting up a user-friendly e-commerce website.

Whilst placing an order over the phone works for some customers, online shopping is all about convenience. People want to be able to browse your full range of products – in their own time, from the comfort of their own home – and checkout by making a secure online payment.

An e-commerce website can significantly increase your customer reach. It will put your products (literally!) into the palm of your customer’s hands. There’s no need to shut up shop at 5pm. The site is there for people to view 24/7. And they don’t typically take too long (or cost too much) to set up.

  1. Hire a delivery van

The way forward for many retail businesses is to launch a home delivery service. Which means, you’re going to need a van. Due to increased demand, the price of second-hand vehicles has spiked over the last 12 months – with a huge 26% rise in the average cost from Q1 to Q3 of 2020.

So, why not hire a van instead?

Here at PSD, we offer a range of vehicles that are suitable for commercial deliveries. And whatever the nature of your products, we’re bound to have one that meets your needs. All of our vans are available to rent on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, for an incredibly competitive price. And as part of our long-term rental schemes, they can even be customised with your company brand and logo.

  1. Spread the word

Last but not least, it’s important to advertise your new retail delivery service.

Put up posters in your shop window. Push flyers through letterboxes. Send an email to all customers on your mailing list. Update your social media pages with information about the service and photos of your new delivery van. Spread the word to as many people as possible and let your previous customers know what they can do, to help support your local business during difficult times.

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Want to know more about our delivery vans?

You’re welcome to get in touch at any time.

A home delivery service may not be something you’ve ever considered before, but it could be exactly what you need to help your business stay afloat post-pandemic. And we’re here to help.

For more information on the delivery vans available to hire – or tailored advice on the best vehicle for your requirements – either give us a call on 0345 222 1022, or send an email to and we’ll get back to you. We can talk you through the options, including our long-term Fix2Go and Flex2Go schemes, and identify the ideal hire van for you.