Graphic of a customised van

3 benefits of a customised van for your business

Hiring a van for business purposes?

The fact is, when it’s on the road, it reflects who you are as a company – and has the capacity to either win or lose custom. That’s why, here at PSD Vehicle Rental, we now offer branded vehicle livery.

As part of our long-term rental services, FLEX2GO and FIX2GO, we give all customers the option to customise their hire vehicles in any way they wish. Take, for example, this Peugeot Boxer recently created for Glow Energy Group. Featuring the company’s logo, brand colours and contact details, it certainly stands out from the crowd. And we could do the same thing for your business.

vehicle branding created at PSD Vehicle Rental

Here we explore some of the main benefits of a customised van:

  1. 1. First impressions

What would give your customers more confidence about the service you provide? A plain white van without any personalisation? Or a well-maintained van that has been professionally customised?

Vehicle branding can help to make the best first impression and will significantly boost your credibility, particularly if you have to make home-visits. To customers, it demonstrates professionalism and is often seen as a reflection of the products or services you provide.

  1. 2. Advertisement

A customised van is a fantastic way to raise awareness of your company.

In fact, depending on how long you spend on the road, it can generate hundreds (if not thousands!) of impressions each day. Even the shortest of journeys will lead to exposure. Whether you’re on the move or stuck in traffic, people will notice your vehicle and register what you do – and if contact details have been included in the design, you can turn random passers-by into paying customers.

  1. 3. Cost-effective

Vehicle branding is a cost-effective alternative to many other advertisement options. Whilst marketing is typically very expensive – often becoming a recurring bill – all customisations made to our hire vehicles are included in the cost of your monthly rental. There are no hidden extras.

By including a unique website page or social media hashtag in the design, you can also get an idea of how many people the livery has reached and track its impact on your bottom line.

Long-term vehicle rental available at PSD Vehicle Rental

Ready to hire a customised van?

We’re here to help. As part of our long-term rental services, we have a diverse range of vans for you to choose from, with something to suit all requirements  And, whichever model you choose, it can be built to your exact specification and customised in line with your company and brand.

So, why not get in touch today? To find out more and take the first step towards a unique and professional customised van, either call us on 0345 222 1022 or send an email to We’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.